Heavy & Severe-Duty Air Conditioning and Filtration Equipment Lintern USA Industrial Air-Conditioning Systems have been used in more than 60 countries in a variety of heavy industries. Some of the markets served include primary metals, coke facilities, mining, oil and gas, utilities, pulp and paper, chemical processing plants, satellite communications, cement plants and offshore marine applications.

  • High Ambient Temperature
  • Heavy Dirt Loading Corrosion Resistance
  • High Vibration
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Condenser Units

Capacity 18,000 - 48,000 BTU/H (5.3kW-14.1kW) 

Evaporator Units

Capacity 8,000 - 29,000 BTUH (2.3kW - 8.5kW) with 80oF (27oC) dry bulb and 50% R.H 

Self-Contained Units

Capacity 13,000 BTU/H (3.8kW) nominal

Condensate Evaporators

Capacity Primary Tank: 3.2 kW (9.8lbs./hr) 1.2 GPH (5.5 LPH)
Secondary Tank: 3.2 kW (9.8lbs./hr) 1.2 GPH (5.5 LPH)

Filtration Units

Capacity Pressurization of enclosures up to 3000 ft3 (85 m3).