SGL ECOPHIT Radiant Ceilings require lower water temperatures for heating and higher temperatures for cooling- making ECOPHIT ideal for renewable energy sources such as heat pumps, geothermal or solar thermal energy. The energy is distributed evenly and rapidly over the entire surface of the ceiling and there will also be savings for the system engineering costs. Energy savings of up to 30% on average are possible.

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Energy efficiency/ Comfort/ Design Freedom
Energy efficiency
Higher flow temperatures when cooling, lower flow temperatures when heating, ECOPHIT saves substantial amount of energy.


With ECOPHIT you achieve better comfort thanks to the higher specific performance of the entire system. Moreover, the absence of drafts, noise pollution and dust swirls makes it ideal for all occupants

Design Freedom
ECOPHIT radiant ceilings can easily be integrated into the desired room architecture and open up new possibilities due to the low used capacity of the ceiling. Very suitable for reconstruction as well as refurbishments. 

Surface Heating and Cooling System with ECOPHIT®
Decentralized balustrade ventilation system with ECOPHIT® heat/cold storage
ECOPHIT® Lightweight Construction Panels for Building Technology
ECOPHIT® granules in plasterboard cooling ceilings
Ceiling sails are suspended from the ceiling as complete elements or as individually, optically unconnected elements